If you require a fully engineered screw piling system then our high grade pipeline steel GroundScrew can provide you with excellent foundations whether it is for a small residential development or for a large civils project.

No job too small - No job too BIG!

 The GroundScrew provides foundations for the following structures:

  • Housing Developments
  • Wind Turbines
  • Telecommunications Masts
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Footbridges and Walkways
  • Signs, Signals and Hoardings
  • Street Furniture
  • Earth Retaining Walls and Embankments
  • Pipeline Anchor Systems
  • Foundation Reinforcement for Additional Storeys
  • Geo-Thermal Projects
  • Areas with high water content
  • Areas where trees or tree roots pose a problem


  • The GroundScrew is a hot finish seamless round hollow section with one or more helices welded to it. 
  • It is constructed of ASTM A Gr 106-B/C BS EN 10025  grade carbon steel which is of excellent quality.  
  • It can be galvanised if conditions necessitate this.
  • Each GroundScrew is individually engineered, customised and manufactured to our Clients' requirements for each project.
  • The GroundScrew can be installed to depths to avoid subsidence and heave.
  • The GroundScrew is available in stem diameters from 60mm to 1M with one more more helices.
  • A variety of combinations of diameters and helices ensure that each GroundScrew will perform to requirements for either small or large projects.
  • The GroundScrew is a tried and tested system; it has been used very successfully in North America and beyond for nearly two decades in all types of substrates and conditions from frozen to swampy land.




New Build

  • The GroundScrew can be used in new build situations; a ring beam can be constructed on top to provide a well founded base for single and multi-storey structures.
  • The GroundScrew can be inserted well beyond the depth achievable with traditional foundations.
  • The GroundScrew is extremely quick to install, especially compared with traditional methods, thereby saving in time and costs.
  • No time is wasted for waiting for concrete to cure.
  • The GroundScrew is excellent for brown field sites.
  • The GroundScrew is excellent where tree roots are a problem.


  • The GroundScrew can be used in remedial situations even to the point where a building can be jacked up using our specially designed Jacking cap detail.
  • The GroundScrew can even be installed in areas where height restriction is a factor.
  • There is minimum disturbance to the soil and the structure.
  • There is also minimum disturbance to the inhabitants of the structure.


  • The GroundScrew can be used in compression as a normal load bearing pile or in tension as a soil nail or tie-back to support, for example, earth retaining walls or embankments.
  • The GroundScrew can be used to tie back sheet piling.


  • The GroundScrew requires no grouting or other process.
  • The GroundScrew can be easily battered into position if necessary, making it ideal for tie-backs.
  • The GroundScrew is screwed, with maximum energy efficiency, into the ground using a torque motor as opposed to being vibrated into position.
  • Gauges monitor the torque and provide a guide to the load capacity being borne by the GroundScrew.
  • Minimum disturbance to the surrounding substrate, structures or neighbours.
  • The GroundScrew is extremely easy to install using conventional machinery.
  • Lightweight machinery is required for difficult to access sites.
  • The GroundScrew can be screwed accurately into position ensuring perfect placement.
  • Sections of the GroundScrew are connected with either high tensile bolts for the smaller diameter GroundScrews, or welded for the larger diameter GroundScrews.
  • Various capping details are available for both new build and remedial applications.


  • The GroundScrew is very environmentally friendly.
  • There is very little or no spoil removal and hence no landfill.
  • Transport and fuel implications associated with spoil removal are also reduced.
  • The quantities of sand, aggregate, cement and water required in traditional foundations are not required.
  • The GroundScrew can be removed and reused which makes it ideal for temporary buildings.

and as you can see from all the advantages above this is an extremely cost effective method of foundation as much as 60% more cost effective than a comparative foundation.