HeliGrout 25 is a non-shrink, pumpable, thixotropic, high performance, cement-based grout suitable for injection with a hand applicator.  It is packaged in tubs which contain the dry powder and liquid components individually packed to make either 3 or 6 litres of injectable grout.  The low liquid to powder ratio ensures a thixotropic grout which develops its compressive strength rapidly.  It is designed to fill all the voids into which it is injected and the bond stress is greatly enhanced by its expansive properties.



HeliGrout 25 is suitable for bonding metal components into most masonry substrates including concrete, brick, stone, blocks

etc.  It is designed for use with the other helical stainless steel products - helical bar, brick bars and some wall ties -

 as a bonding agent.  Further details can be obtained separately on these products.  HeliGrout 25 has been found to be an

 ideal alternative product to polyester/epoxy resin and is particularly useful when fire risks are an issue, for example

 replacement wall ties on high rise structures.  Being non-flammable and odourless the grout does not have the inherent

drawbacks of many resin based alternatives.



The packaging of HeliGrout25 ensures that consistent results are obtained with every mix.  There is nothing to leave out

and, more importantly, nothing to add.  Contractor error is therefore practically eliminated.  The grout is available in

 three different sizes; 1L contains enough mixture for 1 litre, 3L  contains enough mixture for 3 litres of grout whilst 6L

 contains two packs of each 3L component and hence products 6 litres of usable grout.  All sizes are packaged in a bucket for

 a clean mix every time.

Allow 1L for 3 x 1M lengths of HeliTie Bar
Allow 3L for 10 x 1M lengths of HeliTie Bar
Allow 6L for 20 x 1M lengths of HeliTie Bar

Performance Data

The table below gives the typical compressive strength development at 20oC with 100mm cubes cast under restraint and wet


1 Day  3 Days  28 Days 
 11.01 N/mm2  22.4 N/mm2  29 N/mm2


Why HeliGrout?

HeliGrout has been specially formulated to bond equally well to masonry as with the HeliTie, thereby bonding the HeliTie Bar

to the substrate.  Structural reinforcement is only as good as the bond of the HeliTie Bar to the surrounding masonry.

Special Features

  • Thixotropic - will not drip when used overhead.
  • Non-shrink - increases bond stress.
  • Fully packaged for consistent mixing.
  • Easily pumpable over long distances.
  • Fills voids when injected.
  • Non-flammable material unlike many resins eg polyester.

Helical Systems' products have been independently tested and approved within Europe.  They have been designed for use in all

forms of bricks, blocks, concrete, stone and timber as well as regional building materials and have proven to be affective in

all types of structures whether old or new.  They are particularly suitable for Listed Buildings where an aesthetic approach

is required.


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