HeliTie Nails



HeliTie Nails

HeliTie Nails are manufactured from Grade 304 Cu corrosion resistant stainless steel and are helical along the whole of their length with a point at one end.  They are available in diameters of 6mm and 8mm and in lengths between 70mm and 100mm.  Grade 316 is also available.  They are supplied in boxes of 100.
HeliTie Nails have a variety of uses.  Use them as in applications where a fix is likely to be difficult.  For example trying to fix a timber batten to a soft autoclaved block (AAC) eg Thermalite, Celcon, Ytong, and Xella.



Features and Benefits

  • The main feature of the HeliTie Nail is that it provides an excellent fix into soft (autoclaved) block eg Celcon,Thermalite & Aircrete.
  • They are therefore ideal for nailing skirting, battens and frames etc to soft block.
  • HeliTies do not have heads and so do not split the timber particularly in today's kiln dried timber .
  • Due to their shape, HeliTie Nails fix along the whole length of the tie.
  • HeliTies are fast and easy to install.
  • HeliTies are extremely versatile.

 Nailing a Batten to Soft Block

Guidelines and Tips

  • HeliTies are nails that think that they are screws.  They are simply hammered in, but have all the attributes of a screw.
  • Because of their excellent fix or purchase they are ideal for timbers that may be subject to vibration and tensile forces (wall ties and warm roof fixings)


 Graphic shows a timber batten being fixed with a HeliTie to an autoclaved block to support a Hanging Tile feature.

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