HeliTie Roof Fixings


HeliTie Roof Fixings


HeliTie Roof Fixings are manufactured from Grade 304 Cu corrosion resistant stainless steel and are helical along the whole of their length with a point at one end. They are available in diameters of 6mm and 8mm and in lengths between 70mm and 300mm. Grade 316 is also available. They are supplied in boxes of 100.
HeliTie Roof Fixings can be used in warm roof applications and flat roof applications.
HeliTie Roof Fixings offer so many advantages over other methods of roof fixings. HeliTies provide a competitive cost effective solution combined with high performance. This is due to their shape, the variety of diameters and lengths available and their speed and ease of installation.



Features and Benefits

  • Due to their shape, HeliTie Roof Fixings fix along the whole length of the tie.
  • HeliTies do not have heads and so do not split battens.
  • HeliTies do not crush insulation.
  • HeliTies supports sliding loads.
  • HeliTies resist wind suction.
  • HeliTies are fast and easy to install.
  • Due to the variety of sizes available, HeliTies can be used for flat and pitched roofs.
  • HeliTies are recommended by leading insulation manufacturers.
  • HeliTies meet the requirements of the NHBC.
  • Hand tooling is available.
  • Powered tooling is available for longer lengths to speed installation.



Section of Roof showing a HeliTie Warm Roof Fixings


Helical Systems Mini-Movie showing the Installation of a HeliTie Warm Roof Fixing with a Power Support Tool 3 


As can be seen from the video using a (24volt) battery powered drill with an SDS chuck and with the Power Support Tool 3 attached is a lot safer, and quicker than using a traditional hammer and the Hand Support Tool.





To conclude and to demonstrate how effective the Helitie is - please take a look at the next graphic - The Versatile of HeliTie


Versatile HeliTie


  • HeliTies can be used as a timber/timber fix, as in the case of a Warm Roof Fixing, through the insulation which it does not crush. The HeliTies can also be used to fix the tile battens to the counterbattens.
  • HeliTies can also be used as a timber/masonry fix, as shown here fixing the wall plate to a soft block on the inner leaf. A notoriously hard fix causing a problems on site.
  • HeliTies can also be used as a masonry/masonry fix, as shown here as a wall tie (follow the links to the separate section on Helitie wall ties).
  • HeliTies can also be used as a simple nail, as shown fixing the fascia to the joist (follow the links to the separate section on HeliTie Nails).


Calculating the Required Length of your HeliTies

The HeliTie Roof Fixing needs to penetrate the batten/counterbatten, the insulation and any other material which is being laid on the roof.  The HeliTie then needs to be embedded 35mm into the rafter (25mm in oak).  Add these figures up and you will arrive at the length of HeliTie you need.


Calculating the Number of HeliTies you need

The number of HeliTies you need and the centres at which they need to be inserted depends on many factors.  Consider the location of the property (exposed or built-up area), the dimensions or area of the roof, the pitch of the roof, the type of covering, at what centres the counterbatten has been fixed etc.  All these factors determine how many HeliTies you will need and at what centres they have to be fixed. 

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